Antibody Cell Conjugates (ACC™)

4th Generation of T cell therapy, which requires no genetic engineering

Adheren has developed an unique technology platform (ACC™) for the arming of T cells via the “parallel” activation of T cell through the clustering of T cells receptors (TCRs) and the co-stimulatory receptors, leading the way for T cell immunotherapy against potential targets, such as solid tumors. Antibody Cell Conjugation (ACC™) Technology allows T cell activation and killing upon contacting tumor cells through the recruitment of TCRs and co-stimulatory molecules to the interface between two cells, through a “parallel” T cell activation mechanism.

ACE-T (Antibody Conjugated Effector T cells) Advantages:

Using Adheren’s technology, ordinary T cells are “programmed” without genetic engineering to bind to specific cancer cells and kill the target cells.

ACE-T allows “Point of Care” T cell therapy without freezing, transporting, transfecting, and culturing T cells in an efficient and cost-effective process.

ACE-T platform has also been applied successfully to NK cells, NKT cells, CIK cells, and dendritic cells.

The ACE-T technology is ready today for application to any existing antibodies.

The ACC™ technology greatly reduces time to market (R&D) and costs of production (Manufacture).